Tearing Down the Strongholds

Tearing Down the Strongholds

Challenge Course for Kindergarten - Sr. Citizens

Challenge Course
What would you say are the most important skills children learn today?  Reading? Math?  Science? While these are essential, there are other abilities just as important.  Abilities like problem solving, cooperation with others, communication, perseverance, and leadership ensure success in the real world, also.

No Child Left Inside
Our motto for the outdoor education program at Living Waters Ranch is No Child Left Inside.  We believe that teaching children to enjoy the outdoors and learning outdoor skills can motivate them to live healthier lives, build self confidence, and make wise lifestyle choices.
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Bridge of Hope

Teachers from Warsaw came out to the ranch for Professional Development activities (pictured below). The Challenge Course is excellent for adults to come together and learn how to communicate better with one another and build trust within their group. Besides, it is a great stress reliever.  A classroom teacher for 24 years who facilitates groups at the course, also shares teambuilding strategies that can be taken back to the classroom and used with students.

No Child Left Inside

Our challenge course is appropriate for ages Kindergarten through senior citizens, as most challenges can be adapted to the age and abilities of the participants.  So, not only will children and youth develop these important life skills, but our challenge course is a great way to get young people outside, away from TV and video games and explore/enjoy outdoor activities.  Our motto is ‘No Child Left Inside’!!

Require Communicating with Team Members

In case you are not familiar with challenge courses, the purpose is to lead participants through a series of physical challenges that require communicating with their team to come up with a plan, listen to one another’s ideas, persevere as they try different methods and techniques, and encourage and celebrate with each other once they have accomplished their goal.  Perhaps it is in walking a cable two feet off the ground as their team spots them, or getting everyone over a 10 foot wall with no ladder or steps.  Maybe it is in 10-12 people on a giant teeter totter balancing themselves for the time it takes to sing Mary Had a Little Lamb.  Sound challenging? fun? rewarding? educational? It’s all of these plus more!  Download a registration form.

Great for Your Next Family or Church Function!

"Maze on the Square"Various other games and initiatives are used to introduce the challenge course and get your teamed warmed up. Some of the elements are portable and can be set up at schools or churches during events like carnivals or vacation Bible school!

Spend the Day with Us!

This young adult Bible Study group from Springfield (below) came up and spent the whole day – they took advantage of the challenge course, hiking to the bluff, horse back riding, and a meal provided by LWR.

100-428	Even the teachers test their skill on the Wiggle Wire
Wiggle Wire
– build trust between
participants as team takes turns walking across the cable

"Wild Woozy"
Wild Woozy
– with a partner you must travel
across the v-shaped cable
Nitro Crossing – can your team figure out how to get the ‘nitro’ from one side of the abyss to the other without spilling it? Spider Web
Spider Web
– how well do you trust your team?
Enough to pick you up and pass you through the web?
Tire Traverse
Tire Traverse
– make your way across the set of
5 tires without getting stuck in the middle
– move a team member standing
on the A-frame from point A to point B
Whale Watch
Whale Watch
– balance your team on the giant
teeter totter long enough to sing a silly song
"The Wall"
The Wall
– your job is to get all the people
on your team up and over the wall
We made it over!
"The Wall"
The Maze
– rock and roll with your team as you move the
pool ball through the maze and it drops into the bucket

Charlotte’s Web
– Working together you have to pull on ropes to pick up a block of wood and set it on top of a stump
"Land Skis"
Land Skis
– 4x4 skis that ten people have to move
– all at the same time